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3PCS/SET Clay Ruler Size Guide Wooden Strip3PCS/SET Clay Ruler Size Guide Wooden Strip
Carving Bow StraightCarving Bow Straight
Carving Bow Straight Sale priceDhs. 203.00
Mudcutter StraightMudcutter Straight
Mudcutter Straight Sale priceDhs. 203.00
Sold outExtra Long Stainless Scraper Rib XL10Extra Long Stainless Scraper Rib XL10
Long Stainless Scraper RibLong Stainless Scraper Rib
Long Stainless Scraper Rib Sale priceFrom Dhs. 75.00
Sold outTexture 5Texture 5
Texture 5 Sale priceDhs. 73.00
Save Dhs. 78.00Mushroom Anvil SetMushroom Anvil Set
Mushroom Anvil Set Sale priceDhs. 699.00 Regular priceDhs. 777.00
Sold outRetractable Scoring ToolRetractable Scoring Tool
Retractable Scoring Tool Sale priceDhs. 39.00
Needle and Scoring Tool (Hand-Forged)Needle and Scoring Tool (Hand-Forged)
Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size: 1.5mm/2mm (XST02)Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size: 1.5mm/2mm (XST02)
Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size:  1.0mm/1.5mm (XST01)Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size:  1.0mm/1.5mm (XST01)
Serrated Hook and Knife Tool (Hand-Forged)Serrated Hook and Knife Tool (Hand-Forged)
Small Teapot Spout Maker (Double-Ended)Small Teapot Spout Maker (Double-Ended)
Salt and Pepper Drill
Salt and Pepper Drill Sale priceDhs. 46.00
Save Dhs. 7.00Rubber Detailer Small
Rubber Detailer Small Sale priceDhs. 20.00 Regular priceDhs. 27.00
T2 - Poppy - 2 packT2 - Poppy - 2 pack
T2 - Poppy - 2 pack Sale priceDhs. 173.00
T3 - Daisy - 2 packT3 - Daisy - 2 pack
T3 - Daisy - 2 pack Sale priceDhs. 173.00
WA SpacerWA Spacer
WA Spacer Sale priceDhs. 27.00
WA Spacer Pins - 4 PackWA Spacer Pins - 4 Pack
WA Spacer Pins - 4 Pack Sale priceDhs. 11.00
Round - 9.5"Round - 9.5"
Round - 9.5" Sale priceDhs. 68.00
Round - 12.5"Round - 12.5"
Round - 12.5" Sale priceDhs. 99.00
Round - 14"Round - 14"
Round - 14" Sale priceDhs. 143.00
WA + WA BoardWA + WA Board
WA + WA Board Sale priceDhs. 234.00
WA BoardWA Board
WA Board Sale priceDhs. 74.00
Foot MakerFoot Maker
Foot Maker Sale priceDhs. 25.00
Sue ToolSue Tool
Sue Tool Sale priceDhs. 44.00
Cutter Knife with Wood HandleCutter Knife with Wood Handle
Cutter Knife with Wood Handle Sale priceDhs. 20.00
Save Dhs. 15.00Rubber Clay Roller
Rubber Clay Roller Sale priceDhs. 20.00 Regular priceDhs. 35.00
Save Dhs. 4.00Palette KnifePalette Knife
Palette Knife Sale priceDhs. 36.00 Regular priceDhs. 40.00
Fettling knives HardFettling knives Hard
Fettling knives Hard Sale priceDhs. 44.00
Fettling knives softFettling knives soft
Fettling knives soft Sale priceDhs. 44.00
SlabMat 14" x 16"SlabMat 14" x 16"
SlabMat 14" x 16" Sale priceDhs. 149.00
Double Ball Stylus ToolDouble Ball Stylus Tool
Double Ball Stylus Tool Sale priceFrom Dhs. 29.00
Save Dhs. 26.00Big PaddleBig Paddle
Big Paddle Sale priceDhs. 228.00 Regular priceDhs. 254.00
Lid Master CaliperLid Master Caliper
Lid Master Caliper Sale priceDhs. 100.00
Sold outCompass ToolCompass Tool
Compass Tool Sale priceDhs. 55.00
Thumb ToolThumb Tool
Thumb Tool Sale priceDhs. 55.00
Texture CombTexture Comb
Texture Comb Sale priceDhs. 55.00
Sold outLine CarverLine Carver
Line Carver Sale priceDhs. 136.00
Fluting CarverFluting Carver
Fluting Carver Sale priceDhs. 136.00
Wipe Out ToolWipe Out Tool
Wipe Out Tool Sale priceDhs. 52.00
Save Dhs. 25.00Ceramist Beginners KitCeramist Beginners Kit
Ceramist Beginners Kit Sale priceDhs. 58.00 Regular priceDhs. 83.00
Save Dhs. 11.00Paddle Sock
Paddle Sock Sale priceDhs. 25.00 Regular priceDhs. 36.00
Small PaddleSmall Paddle
Small Paddle Sale priceDhs. 158.00
Sold outMudsharkMudshark
Mudshark Sale priceDhs. 67.00
Save Dhs. 23.00DragtoolDragtool
Dragtool Sale priceDhs. 125.00 Regular priceDhs. 148.00