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Potclays have been renowned as leading suppliers of clay since 1932, most of these clays being based upon the unique deposits taken from our clay mines at Brownhills, South Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

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Sibelco Black Stoneware Body 1000-1240cSibelco Black Stoneware Body 1000-1240c
Sold outStudio White Earthenware 1100-1220C
Sold outWhite Special Stoneware 1200-1300C
Staffordshire Stoneware 1200-1300C
Sold outFlecked Stoneware 1150-1290C
Flecked Stoneware 1150-1290C Sale priceDhs. 147.00
Lavafleck 1200-1270C
Lavafleck 1200-1270C Sale priceDhs. 147.00