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Porcelain Painting Supplies

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Sold outSave Dhs. 17.00Kemper Gold PenKemper Gold Pen
Kemper Gold Pen Sale priceDhs. 99.00 Regular priceDhs. 116.00
Gold Luster 10% - 2 Grams
Gold Luster 10% - 2 Grams Sale priceDhs. 230.00
Pearl Luster
Pearl Luster Sale priceDhs. 79.00
Sold outEssence for lusters & gold
Essence for lusters & gold Sale priceDhs. 62.00
2" x 0.25" Gold Eraser
2" x 0.25" Gold Eraser Sale priceDhs. 75.00
Speedball Fine PenSpeedball Fine Pen
Speedball Fine Pen Sale priceDhs. 58.00
Double Ball Stylus ToolDouble Ball Stylus Tool
Double Ball Stylus Tool Sale priceFrom Dhs. 29.00
Lavender Oil MediumLavender Oil Medium
Lavender Oil Medium Sale priceFrom Dhs. 60.00
Save Dhs. 5.00Sponge Brush SetSponge Brush Set
Sponge Brush Set Sale priceDhs. 6.00 Regular priceDhs. 11.00
Save Dhs. 12.0020cm Soft Ruler20cm Soft Ruler
20cm Soft Ruler Sale priceDhs. 7.00 Regular priceDhs. 19.00
Save Dhs. 6.00Carbon Black PaperCarbon Black Paper
Carbon Black Paper Sale priceDhs. 11.00 Regular priceDhs. 17.00
Save Dhs. 27.00Clove Oil
Clove Oil Sale priceDhs. 60.00 Regular priceDhs. 87.00
Sanding Pad, Rubber w/ Foam Back
Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size:  1.0mm/1.5mm (XST01)Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size:  1.0mm/1.5mm (XST01)
Stabilo Pencil Black
Stabilo Pencil Black Sale priceDhs. 15.00
Sold outPlatinum Silver Luster 11% - 2 GramsPlatinum Silver Luster 11% - 2 Grams
Sold outLuster Rosal L113
Luster Rosal L113 Sale priceDhs. 56.00
Yellow Green F103
Yellow Green F103 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Laguna Silver Palladium Metallic (Silver) Luster 8% - 2 Grams
Yellow Gold M313Yellow Gold M313
Yellow Gold M313 Sale priceDhs. 65.00
Lilac Luster L108
Lilac Luster L108 Sale priceDhs. 52.00
Ivory F302Ivory F302
Ivory F302 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Save Dhs. 7.00Rubber Detailer Small
Rubber Detailer Small Sale priceDhs. 20.00 Regular priceDhs. 27.00
Red Resist Coating
Red Resist Coating Sale priceDhs. 70.00
Save Dhs. 4.00Palette KnifePalette Knife
Palette Knife Sale priceDhs. 36.00 Regular priceDhs. 40.00
Emerald Green M113Emerald Green M113
Emerald Green M113 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Orange CADMIO F706Orange CADMIO F706
Orange CADMIO F706 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Chocolate F613Chocolate F613
Chocolate F613 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Caramel F612Caramel F612
Caramel F612 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Turquoise F210Turquoise F210
Turquoise F210 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size: 1.5mm/2mm (XST02)Stylus Tool (Double-End) Ball size: 1.5mm/2mm (XST02)
Save Dhs. 5.00STEM CLEANER for Kemper Gold Pen
STEM CLEANER for Kemper Gold Pen Sale priceDhs. 20.00 Regular priceDhs. 25.00
Box of 24 StiltsBox of 24 Stilts
Box of 24 Stilts Sale priceDhs. 394.00
Sold outDivider PalletDivider Pallet
Divider Pallet Sale priceDhs. 58.00
Intense Black M403Intense Black M403
Intense Black M403 Sale priceDhs. 55.00
Grey F501Grey F501
Grey F501 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
White Mix F905 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Charcoal Grey M503Charcoal Grey M503
Charcoal Grey M503 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
American Beauty F810American Beauty F810
American Beauty F810 Sale priceDhs. 96.00
Red Brown F703Red Brown F703
Red Brown F703 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Meissen Red F701Meissen Red F701
Meissen Red F701 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Iron Red F716Iron Red F716
Iron Red F716 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Blazing Ocer M608Blazing Ocer M608
Blazing Ocer M608 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Ocer M607Ocer M607
Ocer M607 Sale priceDhs. 35.00
Luster OrangeLuster Orange
Luster Orange Sale priceDhs. 30.00
Cobalt Blue LusterCobalt Blue Luster
Cobalt Blue Luster Sale priceDhs. 50.00