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Ceramic Shield

Sale priceDhs. 189.00

Ceramic Shield is your go-to solution for keeping unglazed ceramicware looking fresh and pristine. This food-safe, penetrating sealer is designed to work wonders on various porous surfaces, including bisque ware, vitrified ceramics, and alternative clay bodies like pit, smoke, saggar, barrel, and naked raku-fired pieces.
Crafted from SiO2, also known as Silicon Dioxide or Silica, Ceramic Shield forms a tough, invisible barrier against moisture, food spills, and other contaminants. Its high abrasion resistance and thermal shock absorption capabilities ensure long-lasting protection for your ceramics.
And the best part? Ceramic Shield is non-hazardous and essentially self-cleaning, resisting stains from oil, grease, acids, alkalis, and alcohol. This means less reliance on harsh chemicals and detergents—simply rinse clean for a spotless finish.
With quick and easy curing in just 24 hours, Ceramic Shield becomes completely invisible once dry. Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, even in extreme conditions.
Field-tested since 2020, Ceramic Shield has proven invaluable to artists and restaurateurs alike. Sealing unglazed sections with Ceramic Shield delivers protection and durability.

Bottle size 500ml

Ceramic Shield
Ceramic Shield Sale priceDhs. 189.00