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Clear Bright MS29 - Powder Base

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Dry, premade glazes can be prone to settling and we recommend adding a suspension agent like Gum solution “CMC”, PRIOR to adding your water and sieving. Please ask us if you have questions.

Add water to achieve the desired consistency. Normally will be around 500 - 700 gram of dry glaze per pint of water (800 - 1250gm per litre). 

Powdered glazes, once mixed with water according to the recommended guidance, are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying onto the piece. They are not suitable for brushing.

Glaze in the Laguna Cone 5 Moroccan Sand Series. Zincless: Zinc free clear glaze.

Laguna recommends testing their glazes on test tile with your clay body before use in art or production. Photographic reproductions differ from actual colors.

Laguna glazes have no instructions on the label.



Clear Bright MS29 - Powder Base
Clear Bright MS29 - Powder Base Sale priceDhs. 60.00