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Powder Clear Glossy Glaze - Cone 6

Sale priceDhs. 35.00

Priced Per 500gram.

Glossy clear Glaze.

Max Firing temperature 1250c (Mid fire).

Add water to achieve the desired consistency. Normally will be around 500 - 700 gram of dry glaze per pint of water (800 - 1250gm per litre). 

Powdered glazes, once mixed with water according to the recommended guidance, are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying onto the piece. They are not suitable for brushing.

Please note the individual product descriptions for product-specific guidance. Some special effect glazes can melt/flow considerably during firing so please take all necessary precautions, especially with regard to protecting your kiln furniture (stilting, batt wash etc.).

***Please note this product is not available for international shipment***