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Gum Solution

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Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Gum is used to thicken and stabilize materials

A liquefied binder, thickener, suspension and brushing medium made of an organic cellulose gum. Also used to increase plasticity of clay bodies.

It is used in ceramics to harden unfired ceramic glazes.

It is also a helpful addition to stain mixes that are applied over-glaze by stamping or painting.

A small amount of gum is added to a quart of warm water and left overnight.

Once dissolved, a small amount of the solution may be added to glazes, slips, and engobes to improve application performance.

CMC Gum will be damaged if frozen or kept in cold temperatures, even cold air during the winter.

Size: Pint (473ml)

Gum Solution
Gum Solution Sale priceDhs. 60.00