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Kiln Wash

Dhs. 55

A protective coating for kiln shelves and other areas inside the kiln that may be subjected to dripping glaze during firing.

Can easily be mixed with water just prior to use. Simply dissolve the powdered kiln wash in a small bucket with water until it is a milky consistency (similar to a thin glaze). Then use a wide brush to apply a thin coat onto the shelf (shelves should be clean prior to kiln wash application).

After the initial coat, let the kiln wash dry and apply additional coats until the thickness is about 1/16". Let each layer dry in between coats. If kiln wash is applied too thickly, it will flake off and chip more readily. During the first application, we recommend applying 2 coats, firing the shelf and then applying a third. You don't have to do a special firing just to fire those first two coats; load the shelves with bisque work and you will be good to go!

Package comes in 500 gram

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