Laguna Clay Company

Laguna Flameware WC440

Dhs. 298

Laguna Flame Ware is an advance clay body formulated to resist the shock of an open flame and have exceptional heat retaining properties. Great for gas /electric ranges, ovens, broilers, barbeques, microwaves and more. Firing range of cone 5-10.

First Image shown( Fired at Cone 5), Second image ( cone 10 reduction), third image (cone 10 oxidation).

packed in a ready-to-use moist form, 11.5kg per bag


Bisque/Firing: Once clay is bone dry, bisque to cone 05 (1888 F°). Glaze fire to cone 5 (2,167 F°). Higher firing ranges are possible up to cone 10 (2,345 F°). Do not glaze  the bottom inch of vessel. Burnish cooking area smooth or glaze to create a non-stick surface.


Recommended glazes: Moroccan Sand cone 5 glaze line. For cone 10 use Iron Red (WC-556).


Clean up: Clean with soap and water after use. We recomend periodically boiling  water in the vessel.

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