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Pottery Starter Kit

Sale priceDhs. 233.00

Pottery Starter Tool Kit ( 10 pieces)

Xiem Tools Pottery Starter Kit contains:

Art Tube for keeping all your tools in clear view for quick and easy access
Foot Shaper for slicing, cutting, cleaning and easy foot making
Needle Tool for cutting, measuring depth, making holes and scoring
Heavy Duty Clay Sponge for throwing, taking off excess water and finishing
11" Pro Wire Clay Cutter for cutting blocks of clay and taking pots off the wheel
Titanium Fused T Tool for t and shaping large surface areas
Titanium Fused T tool for foot t and detailing work
Soft Silicone Clay Rib for shaping, smoothing and finishing
Rigid Plastic Clay Rib for pushing, shaping and compressing
Flexible Stainless Steel Rib for sc, refining, t and finishing