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Rib Rub

Sale priceDhs. 66.00

Rib Rub is the perfect salve for your tools and hands. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, you can rub it directly into your tools to help condition the wood and make them last even longer. Then, rub any excess into your hands to moisturize your skin!

Folks often ask how best to care for our tools. While we use water-resistant hardwoods, which do most of the work for you, we also say not to leave them in your slip bucket or the kiln and to dry them off and lay them flat when you're done using them. Rib Rub will allow your tools to continue to repel water with ease, and you'll notice an instant difference in the wood after application.

size: 3 oz in a 4oz container

ingredients: mineral oil, beeswax, honey, lavender essential oil

Rib Rub
Rib Rub Sale priceDhs. 66.00