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Cone 6 oxidation (lfirst image):: Riptide is a satin-matte, opaque, variegated turquoise/green glaze that breaks over texture and develops a glossy finish where thick or pooling.

Cone 10 education (second image): Glaze shifts grey with white/turquoise variegation. Glaze remains stable.

TIP: This glaze is generally stable. Additional coats or increased application thickness may result in movement. Thin application results in finely variegated color. Variegation is exaggerated with application thickness. We recommend firing our matte glazes to cone 6 to produce a satin matte finish.

Stoneware matte glazes range from solid shades to those that create interesting color variations as they move and break. Application thinkness is the key to making mattes work for you.

Size: 473ml - Pint

Food Safe

Dinnerware Safe
RIPTIDE SW195 Sale priceDhs. 118.00