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Cone 6: Sapphire is a rich, deep cobalt blue glaze. It has a glossy, mirrored surface which can give colors from dark blue to bluish-purple, depending upon the thickness of application.

Cone 10: No Change.

TIP: If the application is too thin, the glaze will be streaky.

Stoneware classic glazes offer the depth, sophistication and reliability to artists working from mid-range to high-fire temperatures. Many glazes will break over textures, revealing secondary colors and shades. Used alone, stoneware glazes produce beautiful color variations. One coat will allow the clay body to show through the glaze and two to three coats deeper the color. The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect the fired finish.

Size: 473ml - Pint

Food Safe

Dinnerware Safe

SAPPHIRE SW123 Sale priceDhs. 132.00