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Sibelco Black Stoneware Body 1000-1240c

Sale priceDhs. 189.00

Sibelco Black Stoneware (Nigra 2005) is a deep black stoneware body that is suitable for high-fired stoneware. The clay vitrifies from 1200°C upwards. Recommended firing 1000-1240c

A finely grogged black clay, used for both throwing and hand building. The slight coarse material allows you to make larger and more ambitious designs.

(approx. Cone 06 to 7).

Unfired characteristics : A smooth grey body, with a subtle coarse feel. Perfectly usable on a wheel.

Working notes: A perfect throwing clay for larger pieces, even when pulling thin edges. It produces clean lines and slab builds well, slightly better suited to smaller hand building wares. For more on the clays glaze fits, see product attachments.

It turns fully black at 1200°C.

Texture – Smooth

Fired colour – Black

Ideal bisque – 999°C

Glaze range -1000°C - 1240°C

Shrinkage - 1200°C - 7.6% 

Grog - 20%, 0.2mm grain size

Available in 10kg

Ideal for: Throwing, hand building and sculpture.

Supplied in a 10kg pack.


Sibelco Black Stoneware Body 1000-1240c
Sibelco Black Stoneware Body 1000-1240c Sale priceDhs. 189.00